Essay On Dystopia In America

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Everyone have their opinion about 1984. The real question is are living in 1984 or not? I believe we are living in 1984. I believe we are living in 1984 because we use newspeak, we are at an endless war, and we have modern telescreens that record our every move.
I believe the United States of America is a dystopia. I think the United States of America is dystopia because we have our problems all the time and faces problems constantly. When we face problems the Federal Government just pushes it to the side. But the citizens always find a way to find out and starts questioning the government. This doesn’t stop the government from looking over us and monitoring our every move. In my opinion, we are living in 1984. We use newspeak in today’s society. We use newspeak because it is easier to understand and minimize
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Some of the telescreens consist of websites, surveillance cameras, and our mobile devices. Our mobile devices access our location which someone can find us. For example, Lewis Beale says “Today websites like Facebook track our lives and dislike, and governments and private individuals hack into our computers and find out what they want to know”.Anyone can hack into our computer and get our personal information which means nothing is ever private. Everytime we go into a store there are cameras watching our every move which means they don’t trust us. So many modern telescreens can’t be trusted because of the sneaky government.
A counterclaim could be we are not living in 1984. We are living in 1984 because the Judicial Branch struck down Trump’s executive order on refugees and we still have freedom. My counterclaim would be we if they struck down his executive order why did they just pass another one. I think we still live in 1984 because we don’t have freedom our every move is being monitored and out social media is always monitored. We are living in 1984 and there is plenty of sources to show you