Essay On Economic Globalization

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Economic globalization is a process of economic and trade activities, with countries around the world into an increasingly integrated market forces without any resistance by the territorial limits of the country. Economic globalization requires the removal of all restrictions and impediments to the flow of capital, goods and services. As economic globalization occurs, the boundaries of a country will become blurred and the linkages between national economies and the international economy will be more closely. The globalization of the economy on the one hand will open the market opportunity of domestic products to international markets on a competitive basis, but also open opportunities entry of global products into the domestic market. Market …show more content…
The need for marketers to expand into the international market is due to the current international business has changed a great impression of Globalisation. Intense competition and significant environmental change has led many companies to pursue opportunities in a foreign country based on "strategic marketing planning" in addition to their presence adds market share and increase profits. Among the factors that cause or create international marketing other than basic factor for profit, developing sales and searching for new market opportunities or to founder in the new release include:
Changes in the world economy that is changing the pattern of market segmentation of the market which are separated by borders, trade barriers and cultural differences to the world market without borders. For information technology, transport links and the effects of advancing the discussion of the General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs (GATT) and the European Union has brought to the world market that seems to be without boundaries. There is growing consumer tastes the same even in different