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Free Education Provides Opportunities
By Ariana Parvin

Schools in what is suppose to be the best land to live in; and the smartest, has to pay the most in the world for their education. While other countries have less stress and happier lives, we are choosing to stress on how to pay for education, therefore we over-work ourselves, leading unhappy lives. Statistics show that America spends more on Military, Health, and Education than other countries. If we were to pay higher taxes in order to benefit our society we would not have to be a country where we work over-time to pay for education when it does not fully benefit us.
America claimed independence the year of 1776, making it the youngest country in the world. Today in 2013 we are far advanced in technology and are only becoming more advance. This also goes for the Military and their weapons. We spend so much money to further assault weapons, to seem superior to all other countries, as if they should be afraid of us. If we were to take a step back and think of our education first, then we would be spending the large sums of money to further our education. Not endangering our country by having other countries loathe us for killing the people of their country.
Many young adults out of high school go into the Military simply for the reason of getting a free education by serving or country. When yes, this is a benefit to our country because we are safe and strong. Yet, many of these young adults don’t have a choice to go to college and then risk their lives for our country. This is plain not right. It seems like a trap that our country supports us to kill others, if we can not afford college; get a job or become homeless, while we also suffer in the recession because not everyone has a job to support the economy, which then leads to higher theft rates. Free education would not stop all of this but it sure would decrease the rate because we would be providing much opportunities.
Our education should be free just as countries like Sweden, Finland, and Norway, just to name a few. These countries only have to pay higher taxes, and for the benefit of education and health,