Essay On Effective Teacher

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Peter Westwood (2004) revealed that effective teaching to reduce educational failure. This research finding that how we can reduce limitation and we can do many effort for children to come in school. That is: i) Have well-managed classrooms, ii) Provide students with the maximum opportunity to learn, iii) Maintain an academic focus, iv) Have high, rather than low, expectations of what students can achieve.
Chelo Moreno Rubio (2010) revealed that effective teachers- professional and personal skills. The selective research finding that become an effective teacher is not an easy work for this profession and personal skill should be good. An effective teacher is not an easy task. In fact, It is a complex process. It is not only concerned with success in short-term, but also with appropriate values and success of long term achievement. Effective teachers need to have good professional and personal skills.
Lash and Kirpatrick (1990) find out that in the absence of school programmes the major responsibility of working with children in the school rests with the teacher. This research finding that in the absence of school
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In his research find out if provide good teaching aids, good salary then they will make good environment in the class rooms. The policy as follows: i) the infrastructural facilities of the Nigerian secondary school should be improved, ii) Teaching aids and equipment should be provided for teachers for effective teaching and learning, iii) Teaching should not be made a stepping stone for other professions rather it should be made lucrative such that it will command higher socio-economic status like profession, iv) Besides salaries and wages, the work environment should be made more conductive for academic work, and v) The conditions of service of the secondary school teachers should be the same as that of workers in other government agencies and