Essay On Elder Abuse

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When one thinks of abuse they may think of child abuse or domestic abuse. We don’t think of elder abuse that is happening around us. We intend to think of the first two. Therefore, one might not recognize the warning signs of elder abuse that is taking place in front of them. There are many types of elder abuse. The National Center on Elder Abuse has defined seven different types of elder abuse they include physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, neglect, abandonment and self-neglect.
The most common type of abuse is financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect and emotional abuse. They are things you can watch for as neighbor, friend and relative so we can protect our elderly from abuse. This includes if you
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These people are someone who the elderly person trust and is close to and this may make them feel ashamed that it can even prevent them from reporting the abuse. The elderly people who are at increased risk of being victimized include those who live in isolation, loneliness, who had experienced recent losses, physical or mental disabilities. Someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about financial matters. The elderly person might have a family members who are unemployed or have some sort of substance abuse problems. Although, this is might not always be the case, sometimes it is someone outside the family and the elderly person won’t tell their family members about the abuse.
Elder abuse is nationwide issue it can happen to anyone and can occur in anywhere. The abuse can take place in elder’s own house, nursing homes or assisted living facilities even in hospitals. In addition, it can affect anyone regardless of their socioeconomic, races, and cultures. These who are at age 80 or older are at most risk.
There are ways which you can report if you suspect that elderly abuse has occurred. To report elder abuse you can contact the Adult Protective Services (APS) agency in the state where elder. We can prevent elder abuse from happening. As society, it is our responsibility to protect our elderly. As Tia Walkers once said “To care for those who once cared for