Essay On Electoral College Should Be Abolished

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In a world where equality was the norm, where would the Electoral College stand? When America was created, our Founding Fathers created the Electoral College with the Common Good in mind in order to keep uneducated voters from having too much power. Although this may be true to a certain extent, these reasons are insensible no longer relevant or. The Founding Fathers never deeply considered Individual Rights, and how the voters of America could affected with this system, particularly in that many votes are wasted and counted inequally. In order to secure the rights of American voters and society as a whole, the U.S.A. should completely abolish the Electoral College and replace it with a simple popular vote.
Every four years, voters in America elect a President and Vice-President to represent the United States. Instead of these representatives being elected by the majority vote of the people, they’re chosen by “electors” who are elected by a popular vote on a state-to-state basis. Electors are apportioned to each state (as well as the District of Columbia) based on the population in that state. Although this might have been seen as the most effective voting method to elect a President in the 18th century, but the
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Each person deserves an equal say in the choice, despite how big or small the state may be. In order to enact this, the people of America would have to do one of two things. The first being to completely amend the Constitution altogether, which is known to be insanely difficult. The second being to get ahold of and convince each state’s electors to agree to give up their vote to the winner of the popular vote in order to win enough commitments to add up to a total of 270 votes. If Americans were to come together and fight back, it is possible the Electoral College could be destroyed