Essay On Ethan Frome

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Ethan Frome a main character in this tragic book, makes both right and wrong choices but the wrong choices end up being the ones that will change his life forever. Sometimes when some one is torn, they end up making the wrong choices.
“how ever, the post master would hand him and envelope addressed to ms. Zenopia or ms zenna frome”(4). Zeena is a hypochondriac, Ethan should have just came out plane and simple and said stop over hyping your fine. Maybe in doing so she might come to reality and relize that she was over hyping what was there. “Frome in a habbit of walking to starkfeild, to fetch home, maddie silver”(21). Ethan did some right things like taking in mattie because mattie had no were else to go and she tought that helping her cousin zeena was a good idea. This mix up is also zeenas fault, she didn’t love Ethan enough so Ethan was getting torn on weather he should leave and be happy or stay with zena and be misserible but also help zeena through her struggles. What makes it even worse if ethan would leave she would be screwed she would have to go and get her own medicine and she would have to go find a way to make money so she can get her medicine. What Ethan chosed to do was not the best choice by any means and infact its probably the worst choice you could have made. “The sled swerved…. Drove down into the black protecting mass there was at last instant when the air shot up right past him like millions of ferry wires and then the elm”(110) Now they