Essay On Extrinsic Motivation

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Interest in language learning or inclination for further personal development in general are internal forces regarded as intrinsic motivation. Frequently successful learners display a high degree of intrinsic motivation as keep on studying a language beyond any viable need. Intrinsically motivated behaviours are performed because of the sense of personal satisfaction that they bring. According to Deci&Ryan (1985), these behaviours are defined as ones for which the reward is satisfaction of performing the activity itself. Therefore, intrinsic motivation is characterized by involvement in an activity for its own sake.
It compares with extrinsic motivation, which is motivation from external pressures such as the need to speak English for work or because a parent has sent a learner to class. Sometimes learners join the class because of extrinsic motivation and become motivated intrinsically as learning because enjoyable and rewarding. Extrinsically motivated behaviours are performed in order to receive something from others or avoid certain negative outcomes. Theorists define extrinsic motivation as engaging in an activity to obtain an outcome that is separable from the activity itself. The extrinsic motivator is an outside reward, e.g. job promotion, money, award, etc. Emotional and
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The target population in this study is from Serbia, a country where English is a foreign language. Much of nowadays social and digital media are English-medium so it opens up doors to many professional and personal development opportunities. Thus, the gap that we want to address in the current literature is university students´ interest and engagement in social and digital media have any relationship with their motivation to learn English. Thus, this research sets out to investigate two