Essay On Facebook And Family Communication

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Facebook and family Communication

No one can argue against the fact that social media enables us to organize our online relationships, and also meet new people all over the world, both of which can be great things. Facebook might be a great thing to some of its users and some small businesses, and while it’s true that modern communication technology made the world look smaller, we might ask ourselves what effects has this technology had on one to one relationship inside a family unit? The other question is; how technology and online social websites changed the way family members think and communicate or to what extent are individual needs and desires satisfied directly through social media?
As People become more and more involved with their computers and mobile devices, they become more isolated. Traditional social behavior is being substituted with social media. Face to face communication is becoming less and less common as people rely more on digital communication.
To be fair about this subject we have to admit that Social Networking Sites have some good effects and some bad effects. Examples for good and bad effects at the same time are; it spread information faster, but at the same time the same websites can spread unreliable or wrong information. Of course we can’t forget the main reason for using social networking websites which is making new friends and improving relationships. Many people use Facebook to communicate with family members and friends that lives far or those who they can’t see often. On