Essay On Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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Some things happen for a reason sometimes and you don't even get to choose. Think about the decisions you make and what will happen if you picked the other choice, but you didn't, because fate did it for you. We can't control our actions or decisions that we have done or made. Some things in your life are just meant to be. You have no control over your actions. In the story of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, fate and destiny is the reason why two young people, Romeo and Juliet, fall in love.
First, Romeo and Juliet were secretly in love with each other, and then they try to ignore this feud between their families. Lady and Lord Capulet forced Juliet to marry Paris instead of Romeo, because the Capulet and Montague families
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'the yoke of inauspicious stars' (Act 5 Scene 3, line 111) (Gibson, 212). 'The yoke of inauspicious Stars' means Romeo is getting rid of this bad luck he has by committing suicide, so he could free himself in this bad situation. Yoke means getting rid of and inauspicious stars is the meaning of Romeo's fate, so he is trying to get rid of his fortune by wanting to kill himself to end this bad karma. Romeo and Juliet are described as "star-cross'd lovers" (Shakespeare The Prologue Line 6). Their relationship was unfortunate, but they were destined for a fated romance. With no luck, they probably would have never ended up being happy …show more content…
Every event, the things they said, the good and bad things that happened to the couple was already determined. Some things that happened to Romeo and Juliet were just meant to be and it happened for a reason. Even if it was death or meeting your soulmate, things happen for a reason, because of fate. Many of the things that happened to their life and death was already decided. Their death was already determined. It is no one's fault, it is just fate's