Essay On Female Drug Abuse

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Female Drug Abuse
I absolutely agree with this statement. When you first hear the question you would normally think that it is the other way around and that boys are the substance abusers. However when I contemplated the question and thought about it logically and thought about past scenarios and concluded that this is likely a true statement. Most of my male friends don’t really do drugs or even drink that much, however a lot of the girls I meet surprisingly like to do both, and in some cases very often. It does appear that they enjoy being under the influence more than males and constantly need that rewarding feeling. Poor self-esteem seems to be a leading factor I why women develop problems with alcohol. Other thing include; history of physical and sexual abuse, depression as well as family history. I believe that a history of physical and sexual abuse is a common factor, a relatively high percentage of women have endured one or both of these types of abuse. This can be very damaging mentally and can lead to panic disorder or depression, and in order for a woman to easily have a temporary escape from their problems they resort to drug use and then become addicted (HealthyWomen). This is in contrast to guys whom resort to sports or weightlifting for the most part.

I believe that social media does encourage drug use. There are a lot of celebrities such as actors and signers who get caught for their use or abuse all the time. This is always put in the news and you clearly see that they do not get much punishment because of their fame and thus it makes it look cool and acceptable to teens growing up seeing this. In addition, there is often a lot of drug abuse depicted in movies and music videos. This certainty glamorizes the use of illicit drugs as popular public figures are seen using them in videos and as a result the millions of young adults whom idolize