Essay On Frida Kahlo

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There are many famous Spanish people out in the world and many have done amazing things in their lives or created amazing things. Frida Kahlo was one who created amazing things. Frida Kahlo was a talented painter who expressed herself in her paintings. She was born on July 6, 1907 in Coyocaćan, Mexico. She lived for 47 years and passed on July 13, 1954 in Coyocaćan, Mexico due to pneumonia. Frida Kahlo started painting when she got into a serious accident that left her infertile. She later married a man named Diego Rivera, divorced him, and remarried him. She also became a activist and became famous by her oil paintings before she started mohave poor health. Frida Kahlo’s common theme in her painting is her self-portraits. She created art that was controversial and attracted attention. This led her to being known all over the world because of her art. Frida Kahlo’s art looked as if it was kinda based on the bad and good times of her marriage and health. In her paintings, she drew graphic self-portraits to express herself. There are many paintings of …show more content…
She was a member of “las pelonas” in college where a group of young Mexican women had to cut their hair, learn how to drive cars and wore clothing that made them look female and male. Frida Kahlo also thought how to paint to the youth across Mexico which affected the lives of hundreds of people. She never thought to follow her dad and grandpas footsteps in painting. She always thought she would become a doctor but her accident lead her to that path. Frida Kahlo painting lead many people to talk and discuss about her work and she is now recognized world-wide for her unique way of painting her self-portraits. Frida Kahlo has lived through a harsh life but at the end it impacted her life in a good way. She impacted many people with her powerful paintings. She really knows how to communicate through her art