Essay On Gender Inequality In The Workplace

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Impression of the gender inequality of the workplace
There are many reasons why the woman earn very less, this is because the education and the work environment that the women seek. Besides that, the women also must look for the jobs that have the normal hours, good working conditions and safety. The woman has the ability to choose the field of the study in the arts and the social sciences that are more than the men. However, they have the ability to pursue the area for the interest over the area that it can help to lead to the stable high of the paying career. Although, there are have contain the main reason why the woman earn very less and they do not able to get what they want is because they have raised to believe that the nice girls always
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This means that the feeling types prefer that can help them to make decisions based on the subjective values, allowing the emotion, sympathy and the desire for the harmony to enter in the equation. Although, the woman may able to start to get what they want to realize that the world is not fair. The research will show that consist of many men that can prefer the masculine thinking to approach, were affect more women prefer the feminine to approach to earn very less because the emotion also can come into the play when they doing something, which can leads to make an empathetic decision that are not in the favor of increase the profit and the bottom of the …show more content…
Besides that, the women also must have the ability to develop the negotiating skills and the final explanation is the women will also can lack the self-confidence in the workplace. Thus, the corporations also must need to be recognized the differences between the males and the females and to use it to the betterment for the organization. However, the women also must always need to understand the differences and also must to be continue working to the equality in the pay and the benefits while they are realizing the reasons for the males that can often to earn