Essay On Gender Inequality

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We have gone through periods of feudalism . People have to live in the state of poverty, lack of inferior material .Most notable is the miserable life of the women who suffered brutal violence, mistreatment of an animal . That problem doesn’t just happen in the past, but they still happen until now .

So what led to the issue of women suffer violence even in war and now? The answer is because of the thought of man, they despise women. Treated them as slaves, a lower class of society, and also as a toy to satisfy sexual desire.The main causes that lead to gender inequality in families that is due to the influence of the feudal-patriarchal ideology also with the change in the weighted's social consciousness. In the period of the war,
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Although already husband and wife, they married and had children together but not everyone experienced a happy life.Everyone imagine that man is always the pilar of the family, while the woman is just an extra part. Women married to a man that they belive he can love them and take care of them for the whole life, people who are always by them side through the journey of life. But no, they still have their own opinion that they’re the most important people ,so wife has to do exactly what they are saying. There was a story about the life between a husband and wife . She’s a professor they were met randomly outside .They loved each other right from the first sight. Their love was very romantic just like a love story. He loved the way that she look like , she was smart, nice and so kind .They decided to go far away from and go to marriage . After marriage, they had for the first time been experiencing conflict in the couple relationship. During the drove the honeymoon, when she drove the car lost when going to the sea .The husband has proved frustrating and a gun pointed at her head and pounded repeatedly banging her head on the glass door.Starting from then, she always carries her gun for protection. Always feel insecure when she lived with her husband.So we can see in the era now women are still living in cruel life, and suffered much pressure right from the people whom they can love