Essay On Gender Pay Gap

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It is known that Gender pay Gap is a major concern in the UK. Gender Pay Gap is the difference between men and women in the earnings they make and is expressed as a percentage of male earnings.
The reasons for the existence of the Gender Pay Gap are also factors contributing to widen this gap. Job type plays a major role to the gap as most men have the highest-paying jobs in, for instance, software engineering and computer science while women hold the majority of social service and teaching jobs. It could be argued that this is linked to stereotypes and our traditions. Studies have shown that girls at schools are mainly expected by their parents or teachers to become teachers, too. In other words, our background influences the choices of our education path. This in turn influences the employment patterns in the world. To deal with this problem we could focus on pupils’ career services at school. The way of approaching students will be altered by encouraging them to follow any direction they want in their career life. It should be known that they deserve to get any job that makes them happy which also pays well no matter what the expectation of others is or what their gender is.
Forty years have passed after the first pay
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It makes it even harder for women and other “minorities” to gain any leadership roles and even if they get promoted they do not feel as confident to negotiate a higher pay because men are more. Therefore, there should be more diversity of human resource by giving equal opportunities to the people applying at a company. Workers should be evaluated by their qualifications and not by their gender or marital status. Several studies have shown that having diverse teams raises productivity because there is more variety of perspectives and backgrounds helping to solve a problem more quickly and