Essay On Growing Up Hispanic

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Growing up Hispanic I didn't really know what to expect when it came to college. I say "growing up Hispanic" because none of my family members have ever attended college or a technical school just like many other Hispanic students can relate to. This really affects my thoughts of college because I had no usable knowledge about attending college. I had an idea that I really wanted to further my education but no had no knowledge about it. It wasn't until I got accepted into the Upward Bound Program that I started learning things about attending college and important task needed to complete to be successful in meeting goals. Even though I did have the greatest opportunity to join and learn about furthering my education that doesn't give me the power of affording college completely. Making my decision to attend an out of state college even though it will be more expensive may seem mindless but its suitable I know that if I use my resources I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
I was born and raised in Rogers, Arkansas to Maria Duran and Antonio Cordero. Both of my parents are fully Mexican and came here to have a better life. I have a total of five siblings two sisters and three brothers two of which are half siblings. My oldest brother is 26, older sister is 18, my younger sister is 14, younger brother is 13 and youngest brother is 11. My younger
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It’s a huge deal for me to attend college and be the first in my family to graduate from college. I'd be so grateful to have the opportunity to go out and gain more leadership skills, be more involved in the Hispanic community and to gain more real life skills. Going to another state where I don’t know anybody would also help me gain independence and gain social skills. Learning how to voice my own opinion in all situations would be a great accomplishment for me. It would be honor to be awarded this