Essay On Growing Up In America

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Growing up in America, from the late twentieth century to present day, shaped who I am today and what I believe in. Knowing that, theoretically, everyone is equal and treated the same way, which is great. Of course, as we see, it isn't always true. This is why my vision for America is equality.
Equality is fairness, without concerning, what orientation, age, social class, race, or gender you recognize yourself as. Without realizing it, people are bias towards each other. This reduces innovations, because everyone wants to fit in, when people who go against the normal are the people who make the new inventions, furthering our understanding of the world. Without change, nothing would ever be accomplished in the world, we would be back in the dark ages.
Change is good, change saves energy, waist, and helps make life, simply, easier. It might be scary, but it is for the best.
In the mid 1900's people were afraid of expressing who they were afraid of expressing who they were with due to public humiliation and now they are proud of it. Parades and supportive organization made to support those who to have different orientations are everywhere now. Hate crimes have been reduced yet still occur. My
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Women been forced to work harder than most men to get where they are in life. Television adds, billboards, and magazines put this image of women that are objectifying women, making them into objects, a marketing tool. Girls grow up watching and looking up to these adds thinking that one day they want to be like them.These images are unproportioned and even models cannot obtain this image, computer enhancing and corrections are made so it doesn’t even look like the original person. This shoes children that to be considered beautiful, they must look like this, turning to unhealthy way of getting it when they are fine the way they are, but society has imprinted this image ono their