Essay On Gun Control

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(Writing Assignment)
To: President Barack Obama
From: Presidential Aide for Domestic Affairs
Re: Gun Control
As President of the United States, you have many powers under the Constitution that allow you to achieve success on the issue of gun control. Being president and representative of the U.S you have power under the Legislative branch. The Legislative branch allows you to veto laws. Vetoing laws allows you to prohibit the carrying out of projects attempted by another department having control on what laws are being made. With this said, you also have the power to influence Congress on making new laws. Exercising this power will push Congress to write up a Bill and vote on it faster. One of the many ways you can influence Congress is by a speech that will lead to an empowerment, support by the public, and urge Congress to deliberate. Under the legislative branch Mr.Obama, you also have the right to call Congress into session. Calling Congress into session indicates to them that an issue such as gun control is of urgency. Not only do you have power under the Legislative branch but also the Executive branch. The Executive branch allows you the “take care” clause, which urges you make sure all laws are in effect and are fully executed. One of the most important implied powers that you have are the Executive orders, which allow you to make a law to help the Executive branch manage the federal government. Executive orders do not have to go through Congress, so they are quick and effective.
Mr. President you also have to keep in mind there are interest groups you can appeal too. For example, you mentioned to me that many Republicans as well as members of your own party oppose to your efforts, you not only need their support but also the support of civilians and more importantly victims and parents. Through the years, we have seen the lack of Gun control and the burden it has put on many families, if you show support and seek for opinions not only will this help you politically but also push Congress to pass a Bill