Essay On Gun Violence In America

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Everyday in America there is a citizen taken hostage or in a crime scene due to being the prey of the predator where gun violence is being used. In a stated research by “About on average 93 Americans are victims to gun violence in America”. This shows that the high percentage average of Americans are victims of gun violence which includes women, men and even kids that have lost their lives by firearms. We think personally no mother, father , son or even daughter would want to lose their loved ones, especially by the ignorance of another person's idea to pull the trigger. I, myself have experienced losing my father at the age of 5 years old due to gun violence in the City of Chicago. Magazines are now being loaded with information on different types …show more content…
Amazing! Look how much damage a firearm held by the wrong person can cause to dozens of people. Can you believe that one person, one gunman, opened fire to a crowd leaving almost 60 dead including himself and nearly 550 injured? It’s horrific at the site of someone doing this, no motives, not a reason left behind to know why this man did what he did. Its easy, its basic, almost anyone can cause a small to mass damage to anyone including themselves by firearms in these days. Here is another quote by “ l be relatively minor compared with a gunshot wound, it is easier and CHEAPER, to simply get some basic self defense classes, which educate you on how to defend yourself and those around you, and it is NEVER out of your reach”. I agree with his or her opinion, and he/she is right. Now in days weapons are being made and sold cheaper especially in the streets than ever before. People are not properly learning or being taught how to use a firearm or the causes and effects on what they may or can cause if used in an incorrect or malicious mode . Anyone can get a gun, use it , fire it without being educated with lessons and responses to protect yourself and others and when to use