Essay On Gun Violence In Schools

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Mass shootings are a common occurrence in the United States. Time and time again, the news is saturated with body counts and grieving families looking for their loved ones. Their representatives reassure them that gun laws will be passed to counteract this epidemic of gun violence. However, once the story fades from the public eye, so do the talks of increasing gun policy measures as gun lobbyists, such as the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA) pressure politicians to vote against gun reform. This relentless cycle of static progress leads to retrogression instead of advancement in gun safety. Leading to many people asking: When is enough enough? Too many innocent lives have been lost due to gun violence and many are taken in the one place that all children should feel safe: schools.
Shooters target schools because they are relatively vulnerable and are high profile cases if attacked, bringing news coverage to the shooting. Most of these mass shootings are carried out by mentally ill individuals who have easy
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At the end of their rampage, thirteen people were dead and many more injured before turning the guns on themselves. This massacre left a lasting impact, better known as the Columbine effect, on how people viewed school violence and safety. According to sociologists Glenn W. Muschert and Anthony A. Peguero, “school violence was viewed as a local problem before the Columbine shootings and as a national problem afterward.” Following the shooting, organizations, lawmakers, and schools made greater efforts to change policies out of fear of future attacks. Schools implemented anti violence and anti bullying programs and tightened security measures nationwide. Law enforcement improved their protocol. Stopping the shooter became their main priority and rapid deployment, having arriving patrol officers run to stop gunmen from harming more people, was