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Harlem Renaissance And Jazz Cross 1920 s and 1930 s, the Harlem Renaissance. During this period, appeared a lot of outstanding artists and musicians. The Renaissance changed a lot of American culture, among them, till now people still love in this period of jazz!
Harlem Renaissance because of African-American people migrating to the north. Because most black tenants are trapped in an endless cycle work of debt. In the 1890 s, a boll weevil blight destroyed the entire area of the cotton crop, more increased their despair. For these reasons make African Americans want to go to the north to seek a better life. But the people didn't really want to go to the north of accept these African Americans. The legal system of the northern states
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He came from a poor family of New Orleans. In New Orleans, he began to join the music club and the band. In 1922, Louis Armstrong was invited to Chicago to play the second cornet Creole jazz band. However, after two years, Armstrong moved to New York, began in the rose garden arena with Fletcher Henderson orchestra played his music. In 1929, he made its debut on Broadway. This time, he used the jazz. People are attracted to the beautiful music.Louis Armstrong is one of the most appreciate jazz the Harlem Renaissance artists. Many people also through he learned to appreciate the jazz, and more African-American music. The Harlem Renaissance of the jazz, make music become more rich, like jazz are also more and more, the popularity of jazz is high as passion grew up in the country. Until now there are a lot of people like jazz.This is the first time,the American whites couldn’t look away. Jazz is undoubtedly in the Harlem Renaissance in promoting African-American into the north has great contribution in the society. At the same time, the artists of this period has also changed the African-American culture, similarly, also impacts the culture of the United States.They make the culture of the United States more