Essay On Hawaii Culture

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Some of the things that we have today wouldn’t exist without the Japanese immigrants who came to Hawaii to work on the plantations. They left their homeland because there was little opportunity in Japan. They came to Hawaii believing that they were going to get rich, but in reality they barely made any money and the working conditions were brutal on the plantation. The Japanese held strikes against the plantation owners because they wanted better wages and working conditions. Despite all the harsh circumstances, they still kept their traditions. Because the Japanese brought their culture, Hawaii became impacted by it and now their culture is part of our everyday life. Everything wasn’t always great in the beginning for the Japanese. Back …show more content…
Today, many of their traditions are still celebrated here on Hawaii. In the article “Lantern Floating Hawaii” it states that “Every year on Memorial Day, more than 40,000 residents of Hawaii and visitors gather at Ala Moana Beach Park to honor loved ones and generate hope toward the future.” this tradition isn’t only for Japanese people. Many people from different ethnic groups also partake of this tradition. The Okinawan Festival is also practiced here. By going to this festival, you can learn more about the culture in Okinawa, Japan and you can enjoy their fine arts while eating famous Okinawan dishes. Japanese food is also a big part of you Hawaii. Because of the Japanese coming to Hawaii, we are able to enjoy our favorite foods, sushi, musubi, and bento. A bento consist of any type of meat, vegetables, and the most important ingredient, rice. As you travel to various parts of this island, you can witness many Japanese temples. These temples resemble the Japanese religion of Buddhism. Many of the wonderful foods and traditions wouldn’t exist here on Hawaii if the Japanese immigrants didn’t come to Hawaii to work on the