Essay On High School Dropout

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There have been many studies conducted over the years to measure the increase and decrease of high school dropouts in the US. Researchers are trying figure out the reason why so many students dropouts and ways on how to reduce the number of dropouts in the US. They have found that family income is one of the dominate reasons why students dropout. In this paper I will discuss the relationship between family income and the high school dropout rate of students in the United States and how those dropouts effect the economy of the United States. The concern of the high school dropout rates have been an issue in the United States for many decades now. Schools across the country have noticed an increase in the number of students dropping out of high school. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics 2010 report, Public School Graduates and Dropouts from the Common Core of Data: School Year 2007–08, 613,379 students dropped out nationwide that school year (Stillwell, 2010, p. 3). This has been a reoccurring issue throughout the entire county. There have been hundreds of research studies to record the rate at students are dropping out of school and also why they are leaving school. The reasons why student’s dropout anywhere between the fact they didn’t like school, they felt like they didn’t belong and the fact that …show more content…
This chart shows the number of students from different income levels and how many of them dropped out school between the years 1972 and 2008. As you can see from the chart above since 1972 for all the levels of income rates have dropped. For low income families the rate got as high as 17% in 1973. In that same year middle income was at 6% and high income kids were at 2%. The huge gap between the two income levels shows that there is some relationship between low levels of income and high school dropout