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Pages: 3;jsessionid=ADB92B11B279F0A121A04B10D5E90011.journals?fromPage=online&aid=3331496 This has been the most astonishing anthropological find of the generation, a new species of human that has shared the planet with us until 38,000 -18,000 years ago. Studies have found that a small species of humans, nicknamed ‘Hobbits’ have different skeletal features and evolved differently than humans due to their isolation on a remote island in Indonesia for thousands of years.

The shape and size of the hobbit species is the underlying mystery. A Hobbit or Homo Floresiensis is a short flat footed creature. They are miniature people and grew to a height of no more than three feet, as an adult. Hobbits were flat footed and long toed beings, they walked fine in spite of their funny proportions and long feet, and they needed to lift their feet off the ground a bit higher to help their toes though, possibly by using their knees and ankles more. The Hobbits though, lack an arch at the bottom of their feet, as they are completely flat footed. They had small heads which were in the same proportion as their bodies, small, and that was the evolutionary outcome of being away from all other humans and living separately on a remote island for such a long time. In a separate study by researchers at the Natural History Museum in London, the researchers compared the Hobbits skull to that of pygmy hippos that had lived on Madagascar. Like the Hobbit, the hippos’ skull became smaller in time, and in perfect size to its body. The evidence of the pygmy hippo becoming smaller is clear evidence that this evolutionary process can occur. Therefore its likely that a similar evolutionary process