Essay On How To Change Our Life

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Is it possible for us to change our life in a week? Besides that, we spend a lot of time on watching TV, using mobile devices, browsing the Internet, but we don’t spend that of our time to improve our life.

This week I choose to write about that, From Monday onwards you can use this routine for a new change in your everyday lives.

However, you don’t need to worry about the difficulties; I will not write something that would be impossible to apply. Everything that I am going to share with you will be straightforward and quite easy to practice.

So let us see what we can do in the next week.

Get Up Early: Almost whenever I discuss habit changes, I love to add this habit to my routine. I know it’s difficult for those people who work at late nights, but here we are talking about a week change, so it won’t be necessary for
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Create a campaign, collect some donations and give it to a homeless person or someone who need some food or money. It’s not necessary to have a big amount of money to make changes, sometimes small deeds matter for a significant change and helping someone is nonetheless.

You can start an awareness campaign as well, about government policies or something that would be useful for people.
Cut down Mobile Uses: For the next one week try to avoid using the mobile device continuously. Give it some rest or take a break for at least 12 hours. It won’t be a regular task; mobile is also necessary for everyday work; however, I have to mention here that I don’t use mobile anymore and I feel this is the wisest decision I had taken so far.

Keep a Vlog: Video presentation is another way to boost your presentation skills and confidence, but so far I lack that one, yeah, to be honest, I do afraid of that skill. However, right now this is on my queue list. For the next few months, I am going to work on it. Facing my fears would be