Essay On Illegal Immigration

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Each year millions of people immigrate to the United States both legally and illegally. Immigrants bring a wide variety of influences that help to make our country a better place for all people. Illegal immigration has negative effects on both the people attempting to enter, assimilate into the country, or even on the country itself. Immigrants should be allowed to seek a better life in the United States as long as they come here legally. The United States is a country built through the hard work of immigrants from all over the world. It is accepting of all people no matter what their race, religion, or gender is. It is because of these reasons that immigrants should be allowed to settle in this country. If the United States does not allow …show more content…
Illegal immigrants can easily be taken advantage of, and there is nothing they can do about it. They often have to work for salaries lower than minimum wage, and since they do not pay taxes, it hurts the economy. In the movie, “Under the Same Moon”, Carlitos’ mother’s boss refuses to pay her for the week and she cannot report it to the police for fear of deportation. In “A Better Life”, Carlos Galindo’s truck is stolen, and since he is an illegal immigrant, he cannot go to the police and must go on a quest to find his car, putting himself and his son in danger throughout the journey. These examples show the negatives of illegal immigration inside of the United States, but even the process of illegal immigration is difficult and dangerous. In both the documentaries “Posada” and “Which Way Home”, young children experience poverty, harsh conditions, and the possibility of death just for a chance to cross the border. Illegal immigration can also led to the split-ups of family. Carlos Galindo is deported at the end of “A Better Life”, and Carlitos is forced to cross the border by himself in “Under the Same Moon”. Illegal immigration causes an abundance of problems that can be resolved through legal immigration