Essay On Importance Of Reading

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Reading is necessary for one’s developing as well as for the growth of the whole personality. The person who reads well is the person who equips himself well mentally. He who reads well usually thinks well. He has a basis for opinion and a reference point for judgment. On the other hands a semi-literate person’s mental powers are limited and his mental horizon is narrowed. So reading makes one a full man. The human mind is compared to a barren soil and unless the soil is manured and irrigated, it will not become fertile and produce rich crops, In the same way, the mind, becomes fertile only when it reads and reads continuously. By more and more reading, the mind equips itself and become fertile and enriched. Even the greatest natural genius cannot subsist on its own stock. He has to refresh himself with the though of others in order to fill up his mental reservoir. Reading fires one’s …show more content…
Poem, fiction, non-fiction are not beings read, as in years, for pleasure and enjoyment. Even the prescribed textbooks are not thoroughly read by student. Not at all by the student of Open University and distance education. Instead, they memorize bazaar notes or guides to vomit (reproduce) in the exams sufficiently enough to get a pass grade or to get school certificates or college degrees. Student in schools and colleges no longer, are taught to read books for content, for content, for its appreciation, for forming judgments’. Reading a book gives a new experience in every page.
THE GOLDEN RULES OF READING: Read selectively: Before you start reading ask the question whether it is going to give you useful and relevant information to your subject. Select books for reading accordingly.
Read with a critical mind and evaluate:
For “some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested” Bacon. So read critically.
Read a book seriously and reflect on the ideas expressed there