Essay On Infant Death Syndrome

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SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME Sudden infant death syndrome, aka – SIDS, is a death that is unexpected, sudden, and particularly hard to deal with. You go from being very beamish, to the feeling of maldemer. Forsooth, you become collywobbles because you do not know what to expect. The regret is there because you didn’t get to say goodbye or tell the baby you loved him/her. In dealing with crib death, I can tell it rest assured it is a time factor for healing. You never get over it but you learn to deal with it on a day by day basis. All practical matters are in an uproar as well as financial is too because of the unexpected expense of a funeral. Sudden infant death syndrome is not a common way to die, but it affects not only the parents, but also the siblings, and a whole lot of other people. The death of a child is a heartrending loss. You know everybody has to die, but you just never expect to have to bury your own child. Matthew looked like he was sleeping and there was no sign of blood. There was a slight discharge from his mouth, which the doctor said was normal when a person passes. There is a whole lot of confusion going on in your head. You feel like a funambulist walking on a high wire because everybody wants to touch you, hug you, and ask 5,000,000 questions, when all in all you just want to be left alone. You have to find a way in yourself to furtherance yourself from people and stay hidden. You are knockered as knockered can be. Forsooth, you talk gibber because you do not have any answers and a whole lot of questions. You become very amain because you don’t understand and the guilt trip takes over. You ask yourself all the time, what and where did I go wrong. How could this be my baby? There has been several cases of SIDS and some families have had to deal with the police and investigators in your house. You have a million questions thrown at you