Essay On Intersectionality

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In American society, Black women face more discrimination compared to the other races and sexes. In black women’s situation, the two types of discrimination, racism and sexism, overlap. According to Kimberle Crenshaw’s notion of intersectionality, black women do not fit in any of those categories basically they are victims of a type of intersectionality, which is a combination of both racism and sexism. Black women are discriminated more by their skin color compared to white women in a society, which we can fit in racism category. On the other hand, they are discriminated as women compared to the opposite sex, which we can fit in sexism category. Crenshaw’s most significant notion is Intersectionality. Intersectionality is defined as overlapping of different categories of discrimination related to age, sex, race, and religion in the society. According to Crenshaw, intersectionality is …show more content…
Her writings were emphasized on differences between groups of women and conflicting differences within an individual. Lorde spoke about simplistic opposition between men and women. She wrote about racial, sexual and age related issues. She believed that race, class and sex could easily change the women’s role in the society.
Adrian rich is an American feminist writer. Her notion is to explain what black and other women of color have common in intersectionality but in different categories of discrimination. She wrote about how white women experience the intersectionality both in religion and sexism. Adrian rich wrote about how multiple discriminations can make women of color the victims of intersectionality in society by other religious groups and sexual violence by men. She mentioned that both black and other color women are stile victims of intersectionality in many different societies by different categories of