Essay On Iroquois Diet

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bbit,bear. The three vegetables were called the three sisters. They used the deer skin for clothes and baskets for storage The Lenape Culture - Hunting Antique Native American Indian...Iroquois Indians The Iroquois indians

They mainly ate corn beans and squash. They made fat bread like tacos
Or into potalita . they like meat to especially like turkey and

The Harvest
The iroquois indians ate corn, beans and squash.they hunted bobcat wolf raccoon deer and bear ra Farming and agriculture provided most of the Iroquois diet. The Iroquois men wereresponsible for clearing the fields while the women did the actual planting. They use dsmall wooden spades to make mounds of soil and then poked nine or ten holes in each mound into which they planted seeds. These mounds protected the seeds from sudden cold temperatures. The women not only owned theplantations, they tended to them as well. The Iroquois mainly cultivated fields of corn, squash, and beans. To the Iroquois people squash, corn and beans were "The three sisters" the physical and spiritual sustainers of life. The Iroquois were very grateful for their harvests as a result they held six festivals each year to say prayers of thanks to their gods. The Iroquois women and children often gathered wild nuts, fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, and eggs (laid by
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They trapped wild turkey, ducks and other birds. They also hunted turtles for their meat and shells. Like many indigenous groups the Iroquois did not waste any part of an animal. Often bones and other unwanted parts were made into tools, spoons, knives and other household items. Whatever the men brought back from the hunt was cooked by the women and shared among the whole