Essay On James Lang Theory Of Emotion

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Human emotions are hypothetic paradigms based on psychological and physiological information. According to the psychoevolutionnist theories, all emotions originate from a set of distinct basic emotions, mutual to animals and human. Basic emotions are measured as physiological procedures based on explicit neuronal circuits, emotions are psychological processes subsequent from the cognitive evaluation of the stimulus-event. They grow throughout life, particularly in childhood, from communications between the individual and his surroundings. According to the appraisal or constructivist theories, no sharp distinction is to be made between emotions and other manifestations of the affective life. Emotions involve the global operative of the brain, even if more specialized regions are involved. They play a fundamental role in the development of the child's psychological and societal life. They facilitate the subject's response to the stimulus-event, letting more appropriate reactions than fixed
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According to this theory, we experience different actions, our nervous system develops physical responses related to these actions, for example increased heartbeat, trembling, abdominal pain. These physical reactions in turn produce emotional reactions for example anger, anxiety, unhappiness etc. So, emotional reaction of a person depends upon how he/she understands his/her physical responses. For example, according to the James Lang theory, when somebody cries, she is sad so she cries. Here’s one more example: if anyone sitting alone in a dark room. Unexpectedly he/she hear breathing closely. His/ her heart beat increases. He/she interpret this as scared and therefore she experiences