Essay On Japanese Internment

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The internment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor was definitely not a reasonable reaction by the United States government. In case you don’t know, internment is the state of being confined as a prisoner, especially for military or political reasons. This is a very important issue to be discussed because over one hundred thousand innocent people were imprisoned without a justified reason. The Japanese internment camps were established during World War II by President Franklin Roosevelt through his Executive Order 9066. In 1942, he signed this, initiating a very controversial World War II policy with lasting consequences for the Japanese Americans. The document ordered removal of enemy aliens from parts of the west and vaguely said that the areas were for military use. According to, the Japanese internment camps are now considered one of the most atrocious violations of American civil rights in the 20th century. One of the main reasons that imprisoning Japanese Americans was not an okay thing to do was that it contradicted the …show more content…
Just think, if you went on vacation, then came back just to see that everything had been taken from you, how would you feel? The fifth amendment states that property cannot be taken without just compensation. In an article on called “Japanese American Relocation and Internment Camps”, the surviving 82,219 Japanese Americans who had been interned were each sent a formal apology from the President and were awarded $20,000. Although, according to Nancy Bartlit, the former president of the Los Alamos Historical Society, “$20,000 did not even cover what they had lost in terms of careers. Their property was often lost , stolen, and not protected.” Even though they apologized, it took nearly four decades and multiple petitions before the U.S. \government finally did