Essay On Judicial Review

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The Supreme Court has the power to review the actions that were taken by the executive branch and the legislative branch to determine whether or not under the Constitution, that those actions are legal. This rule is called the judicial review, which can nullify any action that is considered unconstitutional. The concept of judicial review dates back all the way to ancient Greece with similarities to the graphe paranomon that is believed to be established at Athens. Modern judicial review was also influenced by ancient Rome from the Justinian Code, or Corupus Iurus Civilis. Traces of this concept were also from the judicial review introduced in England. Eventually, judicial review made its way into the United States Constitution as we know today. Athens were believed to have invented the concept of judicial review. One of the earliest of these concepts came from the graphe paranomon. This form of legal action originated from Athens under the democracy occurring around 415 B.C. Graphe paranomon meant “public suit for illegality” or “suit opposed to bills challenging the law.” This means that a suit can be used against a law that was passed already, or a law …show more content…
One of these other early influences is from ancient Rome, called the Justinian Code, or Corupus Iurus Civilis. The Justinian Code was issued during 529 to 534 by the order of the Eastern Roman Emperor, Justinian I and it was a collection of the Roman Law codified under his rule. The collection was made up of three parts: the Code (Codex), The Digest or Pandects (Digesta and Pandecta), and the Institutes (Institutiones). The Code is a collection of imperial enticements, the Digest/Pandects is an encyclopaedia made up of extracts from the works of Roman jurists, and lastly, the Institutes is a book that presents the