Essay On Kickball Day

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Have you ever had played kickball with one of your teachers? Well, I have with more than one of them actually. All throughout Mendon Elementary School we had one day a year that we would go out in the nice sunny weather to play a competitive game with the teachers. This day in elementary was called fun day, but they called it field day in middles school and it wasn't nearly as exciting. Only the fourth graders played, while the kids kindergarten through third brought out chairs and watched the show. Now I admit this day might not have been the biggest most exciting day of my life, but to the 4th grader self it was a day to look forward to.

Although I may not be a fan of kickball, I definitely had a blast playing kickball with the teachers. The teachers, of course, always won because they did not go easy on us. You might think that they would at least try to give us a chance to
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For instance, we got to participate in a hand full of activities, like the rope pulling contests and frisbee games. Or there was chalk to draw whatever you wanted like hopscotch. They even had hot dogs to eat and drinks if you got dehydrated. For fun, you could just play on the swing set, but who would really want to do that if they had many other exhausting and thrilling activities to do.

In the end, all of these many games, contests, and scrimmages might not seem that amazing to you, but for a fourth grader, life couldn't get much better. My personal favorite was the kickball games, for many different reasons, but mostly because only fourth graders could play. Or the fact that we got to watch our teachers become athletic and competitive. However, I also really enjoyed the water balloon scrimmages as well as the parachute activity and much more. Therefore, in the end, all of the students were anxious for this fun day to