Essay On Library And Library

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Libraries and librarians are often been surrounded by mysteries, myths and legends. Among the most popular one will describe libraries as a boring place, it built just for nerds or for the little kids. Some even said that libraries have plenty of funding because they get so many donated books and charge so much in fines. Apart from that, people tend to describe librarians as women who are over 50 and they also believe that librarians wear their hair in buns, have wire-rimmed glasses, and say “shhhhh” all the time, however, the truth are far from all this. Library can be defined as a depository built to contain a collection of literally documents or records kept for reference or study. It is the oldest information agency that begins its operation since between 3000 and 2000BC. Therefore, libraries have the longest tradition of organizing information for the purpose of retrieval and posterity. There are five common types of library known as national library or state library; academic library; public library; school library and special library. …show more content…
It also includes the managerial and financial aspects in library. They are various factors in library that will lead to the loss of corporate memory for example, during the Second World War proved to be disastrous for German libraries. It has been estimated that a third of all German books were destroyed although many of the most precious works have been preserved by storage elsewhere. Meanwhile, in 1937 hundreds of libraries in Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois and Mississippi were destroyed by floods. Among other factors that will lead to the loss of organizational memory in library will include carelessness, accidental fires, arson, natural disaster, shelling and air attacks, poor storage facilities, lack of training and lack of staff