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I am in a program where I need to write a research paper on a topic of my choice. The program is for high school students.

I plan to become a pediatrician when I grow up, so anything relating to pediatrics is preferable.

Thank you so much!

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angelic markings answered 2 years ago
Really depends on what you are interested in.

As it is for high school students, really need to keep it fairly basic, and small enough to be able to finish in a limited timeframe - not something that will take years to complete.


1) Make sure it is something that interests you - nothing worse than studying something that bores you to tears.

How about the link between Type 1 Diabetes (the type people are born with) and Coeliacs disease...some research has been done on this already, and should be able to find published papers in a literature search.

An emerging area of research is Dysautonomia, which often strikes in puberty - this includes Orthostatic Intolerance (yellow wiggle disease), POTS, Neurally mediated hypotension, Neurocardiogenic syncope, chronic fatigue syndrome to name a few. This is mostly cardiology, neurology and rheumatology based. Fewer published papers exist on this though.

2) Start by performing a literature search - perhaps of a pediatric journal such as

(do a google search on "Paediatric journals" or "Pediatric journals" - note different spelling if in America or Australia/England.

It also really depends on what type of paper you are doing. Do you need to perform your own research project, or are you writing a paper on Epidemiology or as a summary of current research?

If you plan to perform any of your own research on subjects (human or animal) - even if it is just questionnaires - check whether you require ethics clearance. This will mean you will need to submit a proposal to your local ethics committee outlining what your research will be. Check about this with your instructors.

You will notice that ALL published research has been submitted to an ethics committee - without this the research can never be published.

Easiest kind of research paper is Epidemiological - describing the incidence, distribution and control of a disease. This