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Social Policy Statement
Sylvia Monet
Nur. 505-01
February 10, 2011
Molloy College

Introduction: The film “Life as a House” is based on a middle aged man named George, who is at a cross roads in his life. He is an architect, who after 20 yrs of service is dismissed. His wife divorced him years earlier and he never remarried. He finds himself alone and facing the very real possibility of death. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a prognosis of only four months to live. George then decides to take his son Sam for the summer, with whom he’s had an estranged relationship with. Sam is a troubled teen who lacks direction and most of all love. His stepfather is verbally abusive and not your ideal father figure. Sam also has deep rooted issues that one doesn’t need to dig to deep to surface. His mother no longer has any idea what to do with him and has basically surrendered. George decides to change his life for what little time he has left. He’s determined to reconnect with his son by attempting to build his dream home over the summer together. The combination of closed quarters as well as manual labor, leads to the rebuilding of their relationship, as well as the other characters in the film. Sam gradually comes to understand and appreciate his father and a long needed healing begins to occurs. The ANA Social Policy Statement purpose is to detail the nursing profession values and social responsibilities to the society it serves. It defines nursing; it’s knowledge bases, scope of practice, as well as the regulations for the profession. This in it’s self is solely why the ANA Social Policy Statement is important to nurses. It is a guide to their profession also making them accountable for their actions. Through these set of regulations is where they gain the skills needed to use critical thinking to problem solving issues involving patient care. In scene #5 from Life as a House, the ANA Social Policy Statement was with held I believe because of the sheer foundation that the policy is based on. According to the policy’s set of values and assumptions, the scene from the movie played right into the assumed values of human being’s. The ANA Social Policy Statement might have been used as a rationale to help change the situation for the patient by various avenues. George could have been honest about he’s illness to his family. He could have attempted to seek treatment, which would have altered the events to follow. Background: The ANA Social Policy Statement includes the definition of nursing, nursing knowledge’s base, scope of nursing practice, and the regulation of profession. These 4 are the major categories with in the policy. With in each one of these braches is a set of additional regulations. The definition of nursing is to protect, promote, and optimize health. Attention is given to the entire range of human experiences and their responses to health/illness. Knowledge base for nursing practice is on the human experiences and responses across a life span. Nurses focus on these concepts within the individuals, families, groups, and communities. The Scope of Nursing Practice defines the basics of the profession. This includes graduating from an approved school, qualifying to take state board exam, and graduating from a baccalaureate degree program is preferred. The values and assumptions according to the social policy is that humans manifest an essential unity of mind/body/spirit. Human experience is contextually and culturally defined. Health and illness are human experiences. Equal consideration of nurse-patient values leads to greater participation from both parties. The policy and healthcare delivery impact society and the profession. Regulation of nursing practice includes