Essay On Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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Trying to achieve the American Dream while overcoming racism is what Lorraine Hansberry reflects on in the play “A Raisin In The Sun”. A Raisin in the Sun is an inspiring drama about having dignity in a time that discriminates against racial minorities. Lorraine Hansberry describes an African American family who lives in a small apartment within a black community in the Southside of Chicago and how they deal with racism and the challenge of achieving their dream of owning a home in the 1950’s. The Younger’s show its readers that having hope and faith in the importance of dreams is what can get you through the most challenging times. This play is not only inspiring and one of its kind in the 1950’s, but extremely relevant in today's present day racism.
The play starts out with a hectic morning in the Younger household. Mama Younger, the matriarch of the family and main character is about to receive an insurance check for $10,000 from her deceased husband. Each family member has their own idea on what to do with this money, but Mama wants to buy a house to fulfill her dream. Mama’s son, Walter Lee, would use the money to invest in his dream of owning a liquor store. Walter’s wife, Ruth, agrees with Mama,
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African American families who once lived in Clybourne Park were treated horribly, homes were even burned down. Today, racism is still alive and well and although we have come a long way, it becomes relevant in our communities. Lorraine Hansberry criticizes the discriminatory issues America faces and it becomes relevant to the reader that she has faced racism based on how she writes literature. The racism the characters face in the play is covert, it seems to be hidden or not as obvious. Mr. Lindner is presented as pleasant and kind man that claims not to be prejudice. Although his plan of making them not move in are in no way violent, he wants to live and work in a white