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In this short essay I am going to demonstrate the ethical issue about Flow for the love of water and how it affect our community and also discussing how the Does the privatising water make us sick respect to the water issue and also about the theory of Human right .
Salina, I.2008) demonstrated that flow is a non-profit organization working to ensure that water is protected in for future generations by recognizing the Commons, deep public awareness and engaging the public and decision-makers about the threats and abuse of waters. The moral issue is that developing nations are are forced by World Bank to sell their water overpriced monopoly water service, at terrible cost to human life. Seven million people get sick because of drinking tap water. Seven billion people on Earth, 1.1 billion don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water it’s estimated that between 500,000 and seven million people get sick each year from drinking contaminated tap water.
(Shaw, W, Barry, V, Issa, T, & Catley, B 2009) emphise that Human right is that fundamental right are not the consequences of specific roles, special relationships of particular condition. Human rights are applicable, equal, but not controlled or able to be realse, and universe. (Whelan & white 2005) emphasis that water is necessary for life and development. It’s one of the world’s greatest recharging resources and is a natural held needful to health wellbeing. Thousands of human lives are lost each day, each week and each month due to insufficient supply and poor quality of drinking water in many parts of the world today. Importantly this abnormality is not specific to the south or less development countries. Across many different country wide framework. There are a distance of developing social and environmental harms combine creating of goods, used and management of fresh water supply that to discuss three important developments in relation to drinking water, and the effort control over water resources into private hands. Passing for those who experienced into the hands of global business and chief executive officers who control over new corporate environment of water