Essay On Lowering The Drinking Age

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No Drinking age lowering
Drinking age is a big problem for the USA, because of there is teenagers that try drink before they are of age. Drinking age is a big problem for the USA, because of there is teenagers that try drink before they are of age. When i was younger my family used to go camping every summer for a few days to see relatives. It was like a big family party were we went up to uncle bills camp sight and they would have jello shots and it wasn’t for kids cause we would get sick because of my cusion one day tried one. Geo was only 5 when he ate the jello shot and when we came up to say good by the next day he was throwing up cause of the jello shot none of my aunts or uncles saw were he got it cause we were supposed to have jello for the kids. So i am against lowering the drinking age because if a young kid can get sick that easy from jello acholalic drinks then we should not have it. Drinking young you can’t handle your drink and that’s when you throw up and passed out.I is against changing the drinking age, they are trying to change the drinking age from 21 to 18 and it’s not good idea some students are still in high school when they are 18. I believe that the drinking age should be kept the same. So if you were drinking and driving would you want someone to die cause of you?
I believe the drinking age should be kept the same because I have lost family and deal with family drinking. My own step dad come home drunk many times with my younger brother and they both argue all the time. I also lost my cuision to drinking last year because she was driving when a 21 year old was drunk and drove into my cusion. I come from a family that once your 21 you are of age of joining adulthood. My aunts and uncles and my grama normally have a few drinks whenever there in town together and they all are able to handle it because there drinking age started at 21 when they were fully grown and had the ability to handle drinking. So that when my family drinks we don’t drive we stay at our family’s home and acutely let it settle in showing that we need more time to mature. While if there 18 or younger drinking they make stupid mistakes like this teenager that was drinking one day was making a turn when my brother was driving me to my kickball game she rammed right into us because she didn’t know how to handle the steering wheel. We found out that she was coming