Essay On Luke's Journey In Return Of The Jedi

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The final part in Luke’s journey is called the Return. In many monomyths the hero becomes their ultimate self. They become stronger and wiser mentally because of the experiences, changes and success they have gained on their journey. The return is also the closing of the hero’s journey. The internal struggle is what every hero experiences on their journey to become a hero. It’s the fears, challenges and influences that test a hero’s morals and decision making. Luke’s internal struggle was to resist joining the dark side. In the final movie, “Return of the Jedi”, he battles Darth Vader in Cloud City only to learn he is his father and tries to persuade him to come over to the dark side. However, Luke believed there was still good in his father and tried to persuade him to come to the light side, but Darth Vader said it was too late. In the end, Luke stays to his morals and beliefs taught to him by his mentors and refuses to join the dark side. In addition, like the refusal of the call there is the refusal to return home. Hero’s are most always adventurous, fast-moving and thrill seeking …show more content…
This means that a hero has found balance between the material world and the spiritual world. He finally becomes a Jedi Knight and masters the force. Next, the atonement with Luke’s father, Darth Vader, is the closing of Star Wars. Atonement means reparation for a wrong or injury. In the final scene, the Emperor tries to force Luke over to the dark side and when he refuses, he tries to kill him by shocking him. Darth Vader saves his son by killing the emperor and becomes mortally wounded in the process. Darth Vader’s last wish is to see Luke with his own eyes so he takes off his helmet and Luke sees his father’s mangled face for the first time. This is a meaningful moment because Darth Vader’s admits Luke was right about how he did have good inside him and he is forgiven by Luke before he