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Matthew Yorko
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Chapter 13 Essay Choice #1

The concept of Manifest Destiny in relation to the 1840s is a poignant part of this concepts defining period. First the question, “What is the exact definition of Manifest Destiny?’ must be answered. It is the belief that expansion across the continent of North America is the God given right of the United States. Not only did this driving force emphasize on expansion it represented much more to its proponents, it was freedom and the force that would help economic growth as well. Manifest Destiny was an American concept that represented freedom, pushed its citizens westward towards the Pacific Ocean in droves, and was tool for allowing the nation to grow economically. The idea that Manifest Destiny was a direct relation was a main pillar of this concept. The issues concerning President Polk and the question of the Oregon territory and the looming war with Mexico was a display of expansion correlating with freedom. Regarding Oregon, America came dangerously close to war with Britain. This border dispute between the two parties pointedly showed Americas thirst for land. The rallying cry, “Fifty-four forty or fight” referred to the latitude of the northern boundary line of the desired territory. This phrase gives insight to the willingness of America’s readiness to fight for the land the nation coveted. The war with Mexico is another provable example of America using freedom from another group to fuel the conceptual machine that was Manifest Destiny. Before the example is explained, some background information is required. Mexico recognized Texas independence in 1845 some land was still very much disputed. The main factor driving America to war was the breaches of freedom Texans endured from the Mexican government. After the events that transpired at the Rio Grande war was assured, and the outcome would be that America would win the war and gain the disputed America to put it simply would not render to any nation whatsoever. Acquiring land was not just the nation’s desire, but rather according to Manifest Destiny it was their God given duty to expand and war was an acceptable medium as a means to fulfill this duty. Economic growth was very much apart of the Manifest Destiny and in fact is a strong reason the concept existed. As an expanding nation America was very much in need of more area to accommodate itself. Naturally a concept representing freedom and growth needed something that could run its width and America found this in the railroad. The railroad is goes hand in hand with economic growth because it greatly stimulated the economy. The idea of pushing west on a bustling locomotive was a romantic idea that helped to reinforce Manifest Destiny. The