Essay On Manifest Destiny

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Many events throughout history have impacted nations and empires. Some events may have changed how people live. Some events may have changed where people live. And some events may have changed both. In America a movement called Manifest Destiny is the event that impacted both how and where people live. Moving west on a new adventure in life, was something most Americans could get behind. This movement has had the largest impact on United States history.

The western frontier was always there but when the phrase, "Manifest Destiny" was coined, it was suddenly so much more desired. "Manifest destiny was a belief that the United States had a right and a duty to expand throughout the North American continent"(Kowalski). With everyone moving with
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Change can be good and bad, and in some cases it can be both. Manifest Destiny did have the biggest influence in United States history, but not every bit of it had a silver lining. As stated by published author Sheila Nelson in her article From Sea to Shining Sea, "Americans saw the white race as superior to all other races and therefore responsible for bringing civilization to them, even if this meant enslaving or destroying them in the process"(Nelson 7). This movement uprooted families from their homes and destroyed villages solely off of a belief that one people are superior. This was an unjust manifestation with self-deception of the White race. Everyone is born with unalienable rights, and the taking of the land goes against those rights.

Claiming new territory can bring wonderful new lands into a nations boundaries. It can create a sense of togetherness as a people. And it can bring economic growth, and support. But it can also bring more responsibility, and more hate from conquered people. But most of all it brings change. With the good and bad sides of change it makes for a healthy experience. You can only learn from the bad times. And learning is how you grow stronger as a