Essay On Marriage Counseling

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Shaylee Norman Crew: Coffman

Guiding question: What are the most effective and popular techniques that go into marriage counseling, what education requirements are needed, and the direct methods use to handle and mediate marriages?

Project description: I have always been a natural helper, the one to mediate and try and solve a certain situation. If two friends are fighting or having a relationship issue, I am the person they call to help resolve it, which makes my interest in counseling apparent. I am studying marriage counseling as a career exploration. The idea of my topic is to cover the techniques and characteristics that go into marriage counseling. I want to figure out how marriage counselors handle certain situations that come with mediating marriages, the qualifications to become a marriage counselor, and specific methods they use to approach different situations. The research I have done to complete this topic is look at the specific techniques that comes with developing and maintaining a healthy marriage, such as accepting compromise and tolerating the persistent differences between your spouse, negotiating an unconventional place to discuss contentious issues, and deeply listening to your partner. I have also researched the schooling and degrees typically required for a marriage counselor. Marriage and family therapy is a distinct professional discipline with graduate and post graduate programs. Three options are available for those interested in becoming a marriage and family therapist: master's degree (2-3 years), doctoral program (3-5 years), or post-graduate clinical training programs (3-4 years). Another aspect about counseling I have researched is the approach and methods counselors use to solve problems. The progress I have done so far is called several counseling centers, specifically ones who focus on marriage