Essay On Mean Girls

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After watching and reflecting on the movie Mean Girls, it is easy to see parallels from film to class material. The movie starts by introducing Cady, a homeschooled girl, who lived in Africa for the past 15 years. Entering public school for the first time, she meets the "worst" of her classmates, also know as the Plastics. The film then highlights the various social groups that construct the school’s population. She joins the Plastics and eventually gets assimilated into the group of three unkind girls, though later tries to bring them down. The groups that make up the population are civic. This is evident because membership to these groups is voluntary, for members can choose to leave these social groups at any time. Mirroring the characteristics of civic groups, in Mean Girls leadership within social groups is complex. This is apparent when the Plastics compete for the role of the leader, constantly sabotaging each other and talking behind each other’s backs. Furthermore, there is a hierarchy …show more content…
The dysfunction of An Absence of Trust is exemplified throughout the film. Since Cady’s goal is to take down the Plastics, she is able to see through the girl’s cruel ways and never fully trusts them. Exemplifying this is when Cady knows that Regina, one of the Plastics, is cheating on her boyfriend, or when Regina fake compliments people. In a group where trust it at a lack, it is almost impossible to built a foundation for a healthy group. As well as An Absence of Trust, In Attention to Results also play a part in the movie Mean Girls. In Attention to Results is when an individual group member puts their needs before the needs of the group. Playing into this, is the ideas of ego and recognition. Since the members of the Plastics put themselves and their social status before their friendship with each other, it creates an unhealthy environment full of