Essay On Mechanical Engineering

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Choosing a career path is the most difficult choice that I had to make ever. My parents certainly didn’t make the decision easier by giving me freedom to choose any path I wish. It is the time that I spent with a cousin of mine that made the decision easier. I used to help him with his work, making different engineering projects during his Mechanical Engineering graduation. I was at elementary school back then. Though I understood very little of the work, but it was enough to make me interested in Mechanical Engineering.
Being a huge fan of Mathematics and Physics and the interest for engineering made me choose science majors in my high school and eventually engineering as a career. I took a tour of my university before my admission. The windmills and submersible pump setups that I saw in front of Mechanical Engineering department made me certain that I want to study Mechanical Engineering. I have completed my B.Sc. degree from the most prestigious and the best engineering university in Bangladesh, Bangladesh University of Engineering
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During my senior year, I performed a computational study of micro-channel heat exchanger and it gave me a thorough foundation of knowledge in micro-fluidics. I have gained knowledge of the factors affecting micro-channel flow and heat transfer like Knudson number, characteristic length, Prandtl number etc. I have three conference papers reflecting my study on micro-channel. Currently, I am conducting my M.Sc. thesis work on nano-fluids. The research involves studying the effects of nano-particle dimensions and volume percentages on convective heat transfer coefficients of nano-fluids. I am conducting the study numerically with a self developed code in FVM using MATLAB. I also plan to study the flow of nano-fluids in finned circular pipes. This thesis work is helping me gain a better understanding of Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and the FVM