Essay On Mexican Culture

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Culture means a way of life people grow up in, what they believe in, what moral values and symbols they represent. People have different culture they were raised, so everyone has their morals and values and which ones they wish to follow. For me I grew up in Mexican culture we have our morals and values. Our native language is Spanish which most of Mexico speaks. One thing that is in our culture is that the man is the head of the house. He is charge of putting food on the table and taking care of his family. We have our holidays that we celebrate that pertain to Mexico like Cinco de Mayo. We have our celebration for a girl when she is 15 which is called a quinceanera that we have celebrate her passage to womanhood which is very big in the Mexican culture. In the Mexican culture a majority of people are catholic. And I was raised in catholic setting and going to church every Sunday. Food to our culture is important its time where we come together and socialize but I do believe that this is true in other culture as well. The Chinese culture customs and traditions vary by region and ethnicity. There are 56 ethnic groups, the largest being the Han and groups include Tibetans, Mongols, Manchus, Naxi, and Hezhen. Their religious practices are not strong but do consist of Taoism and …show more content…
The language of India varies; there are Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, and Urdu. Hinduism and Buddhism are practices in India but the majority of the population is hindu. Indian food is unique because of its herbs and spices they use in their food. A large portion of Indians are vegetarian and people eat with their fingers or bread. They don’t use spoons or forks. Their clothing is unique in their culture women must wear certain clothing same with the men. Like many other culture India largest celebration is Diwali it is a five day festival. The celebration symbolizes the inner light that protects them from