Essay On Michael Pollan

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DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) was a chemical developed in the 1940’s. It was initially used to combat insect borne illnesses and insects themselves. The abuse of this chemical led to insects becoming resistant to them. Michael Pollan and Rachel Carson were two individuals who took different stances on the use of these chemicals. Through the use of novels, they have become two of the most influential peoplein their time period. Because Carson and Pollan come from different time periods, they both take different stances on the same issue. Rachel Carson, born in 1907, died in 1964, while Michael Pollan was born in 1955 and is currently alive. Living through the post WWII era, Carson saw the rise of pesticides and chemicals such as DDT; because of this, she took a firm stance against these chemicals saying that they should not be used. Pollan …show more content…
She believes that these chemicals are harmful to the environment and all things that came in contact with them. After a regular airdrop of DDT over a bird reserve, many of the birds began experiencing nitrogen poisoning. To Carson this was the tipping point; she became an activist against the use of these chemicals. One way she protested the use of these chemicals was by writing the book Silent Spring in 1962. This manuscript was Carson’s attempt to expose the harmful effects of DDT while also setting the stage for the environmental movement. The most famous chapter in this novel called "A Fable for Tomorrow," “depicted a nameless American town where all life—from fish to birds to apple blossoms to human children—had been "silenced" by the insidious effects of DDT.” The effects of this novel were incredible, creating a public awareness of the harms of these pesticides. In an attempt to discredit Carson, some scientists wrote pamphlets such as “The Desolate Year”, which directly targeted Carson’s sanity and