Essay On Microorganisms

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Microbes or microorganisms are small (microscopic) living organisms that as to observe them important tools such as magnifying instrument (microscope) is needed (Fuchs 2007, p.3). Microorganisms include all the tiny organisms can reproduce independently and be cultured in a petri dish in a laboratory or an incubator (Fuchs, 2007, p.189). The scope of microorganisms are very spacious yet can be broadly divided into three groups: 1. The microorganisms with no nucleus cells (Prionen and viruses), 2. single-celled microorganisms (Prokaryonten and Eukaryonten), 3. Multicellular microorganisms (Helminthen and Arthropoden).
Normal flora adhered on human’s body is generally harmless. Flora lives on the surface of the skin, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract, and the vaginal flora of adult women. The types can be either resident (permanent) or transient (not permanent). These microorganisms have an important physiological role for our bodies and play a mutually beneficial symbiosis with each other (Groß, 2009, p. 73). A small portion of these microorganisms can become pathogenic, but our body has a defense mechanism which is efficient and quick to fight germs that enter without clinically significant emergence. When
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It is important to have a clean home environment (household sanitation) or keep the cleanliness of working place outside home as well as washing hand with soap and clean water, and having hygienic drinking water to prevent the spread of faecal pathogens that cause diarrheal diseases in the household (Badowski et al. 2011 ). Diarrhea which is not treated immediately may lead to death because of dehydration and decreasing body immune. World Health Organitation noted that diarrheal disease is the second cause of mortality worldwide which killed more than 800,000 people per year (Liu et al.,