Essay On Minorities In Ballet

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Ballet has existed for over five hundred years and it holds a part in many cultures. Even in today's society minorities are excluded from ballet. When people look at magazines, videos, and the theater they do not see minorities. Does that mean that they do not take dance class; does that mean there are no minority professional dancers; does that mean minorities are not interested in ballet? Ballets traditional ideals and classical European background continue to largely exclude most dancers of color including Misty Copeland.

Ballet started in the 1400's by the Italian court. Catherine de Medici ,wife of King Henry II of France and Italian noblewoman, brought ballet to France. As a patron of the arts she held festivals and performances to fund ballet. Ballet
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A reputable dance critic in the 1960's named Martin stated that African Americans body types were not suited for ballet. This mindset still exists today, and it is this mindset that is holding African Americans back. From early beginnings in Italy in the 1400s, to increasing popularity in Europe and eventually throughout the world ballet has become an essential part of our culture. Many people enjoy attending the ballet. Little girls love to learn to dance. As African-Americans little girls learn to dance they are lacking the role models that many others see. Over the years there have been several talented African-American dancers who have been held back by the glass ceiling. They never get to be role models because they give up before they reach the pinnacle of their careers. Misty Copeland is an exception but even her technical abilities and gracefulness did not allow her to break through until she was almost past her prime. Even though Misty Copeland has broken through the glass ceiling it will be many more years before African Americans are fully included in